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Ejercicio demostración de Practicalia
demo (English)
A simple demo that shows off some basic functionality of Practicalia.
Google Inc. facts
Test your knowledge about one of the most famous internet companies around.
Logic (English)
What do you know about the study of valid reasoning?
Desencajar el cerebro
¿Son estas sorprendentes afirmaciones verdaderas o falsas?
Check your knowledge about Napoleon's life.
English Vocabulary - Fruits
Check your knowledge about English fruits names.
Rules of Football
Test your knowledge about the rules of (American) football.
Passive voice - English
Exercises to practice the passive voice.
Logical reasoning
This test involves letter sequences and tests your ability to think logically and analytically.
science logic mathematics
There is - There are
Practice the difference between 'there is' and 'there are' with these exercises. Excellent for language learners.
Plurals - English
Practice the plural form of English nouns.
Clash Royale
How much do you know about the cards of Clash Royale? Enter the Arena of your mind.
gaming entertainment
Demo Matematicas
Una demo de unos ejercicios de matematicas
Royale Test
This is the best test of Clash Royale. In this test you will know how much you know about this fantastisc game of Supercell.
gaming entertainment
Present simple or present continuous
Can you distinguish when to use the present simple or the present continuous? Practice your English grammar with these exercises for intermediate learners of English.
Superheroes - Marvel and DC
Can you recognize these superheroes from Marvel and DC? Check your superhero knowledge.

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