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Demo Practia
Este ejercicio es una demo de y te permite averiguar lo que sabes sobre las diferentes funcionalidades de nuestra plataforma.
general technology
European Capital Cities
Test your knowledge and learn about Europe's capital cities. Do you know all of them? Test yourself and at the same time learn something new with our fun trivia additions.
Harry Potter - Characters
Can you recognize these 21 Harry Potter characters? Do you know their full name? Find out how much you know about the most important characters in the Harry Potter universe.
Comparative and Superlative Adjectives - English Grammar
The comparative and superlative forms of adjectives are used to express a comparison between two things and/or groups. Learn how to use them correctly with this extensive collection of around 200 questions.
Clash Royale
Discover that you know about the most famous game of the last two years. Two online players of different clans play to win the battle and win trophies and play with one of your clan players to another two of a different clan.
hobbies gaming
Game of Thrones - The Characters
Do you know the names of the many main characters of the TV series of Game of Thrones? Use this test to check if you can remember their names using a picture and a small explanation.
Villains of DC and Marvel
Which are the names of these villains of DC and Marvel?
hobbies literature

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