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The short story... is a free online platform to practice and test your knowledge on just about any topic with exercises and exams created by experts and aficionados from all around the world.

Do, and learn.

Practice makes perfect. And that's what we're about. We offer you great exercises to practice and improve your skills on just about any topic, be it math, history, fishing or whatever.

Make, and teach.

We make it easy to create your own exercises, quizzes and exams. And you can use them to teach others, or even yourself.

Share, and help.

Share your knowledge and expertise with others and help others to learn. You too, can change the world a little and make it easier for others to find good study material.

The full story...

Because practice makes perfect.

"Because practice makes perfect."

Theory indeed is not everything. Only through rigorous practice can one become competent and achieve mastery. Practice requires repetition; repetition creates habits; habits free thinking; and free thinking allows for better understanding.

Then there was technology.

"Then there was technology."

Technology has the potential to greatly improve learning. Computers can automate and give immediate and even personalized feedback.

But not all was joy and sunshine.

"But not all was joy and sunshine."

Finding good and free interactive exercises on the internet can be hard. And that's because creating and sharing them is even harder. Not everyone is a web developer.

We want something better!

"We want something better!"

We want something that makes exercises easy to find, create and share. Something that is simple, beautiful, fun and — dare we say it — educational too!

Something for learners and teachers alike.

"Something for learners and teachers alike."

We've built something that will please learners and at the same time make teachers' lives easier. We've taken out the hard work and made it simple.




Responsive and secure

We've made it so you can access us on PC, laptop, tablet and mobile. And we save all your data and results securely online, for free.

For free

For free

No ads, no subscriptions

We believe everyone should be able to access most of our exercises and tools. Only schools and businesses that need advanced options require a subscription.



Gamification and education

Learning should be fun and entertaining, and we try our best to make it so. We'll be incorporating all we learn about motivation and education to keep your spirits up!


Our mission is to offer a comprehensive platform where our users can develop their aptitudes in a wide array of subjects and help each other out.

Our main objective is the creation of a platform in which everybody can collaborate to expand our community.